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Palmetto Construction and Renovation is a local renovation company located in the heart of South Carolina. Residents in the Midlands who are looking for help with their new construction or renovation needs, Palmetto Construction and Renovation can help.

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We are one of the premier home remodeling contractors in the Midlands of South Carolina, with years of experience in new construction and renovation. We provide excellent service, expert understanding of new and updated construction, and an appreciation of the needs and requirements of local South Carolina customers.

What We Do

Home Remodeling in Columbia SC

Sometimes old homes need new life. But home renovation and remodeling are a huge undertaking, sometimes so intimidating that we won’t even consider it. Don’t let your vision for your home go unrealized. Palmetto Construction and Renovation can make it happen. We’ll take you home remodeling ideas and put them into black-and-white planning and execution. Want to add more space on to the master bedroom? Or how about add an entire room to your home? We can help you with that by providing expert advice on how your current home can become your dream home. Our home renovations include room additions and extensions, porches, patios, and exterior remodeling.

Our Specialities      

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

Do you have some interesting kitchen remodeling ideas? Decided it’s time for remodeling your bathroom? Or do you just want to add some space, fixtures, and life to these important rooms? If you’ve been watching some home remodeling shows on cable and you have a great idea for a new kitchen or bathroom layout, then don’t just leave that for your dreams: contact Palmetto Construction and Renovation and see how we can make these dreams a reality! Give us a call at 803-917-5755 and learn how we can help you build the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams. Our biggest jobs often involve kitchen and bathroom remodeling precisely because these rooms serve so much utility. We cook, clean, and entertain in or with them. They are functional and practical, and yet often serve as showpieces for our home.

Why Palmetto Construction & Renovation?

First and foremost, Palmetto Construction and Renovation is about the customer experience. Jim Evatt, owner and operator, and his staff remain in constant contact with you during the renovation process. So not only is your renovation of the highest quality, but so is your experience.

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